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Student Clubs


Advisor: Mr. Kennedy

Meeting Room: M-2


Meeting Days:  weekly at lunch in J1

Advisor:  Mr. Navas

Badminton Club

Meeting Day:  every other Wednesday in K-2

Advisor:  Mr. Duran

Black & African Student Union (BASU)

Meeting: every Thursday in C-11 or Maker Space

Advisers: Ms. Bell & Ms. Witherspoon

Calculus Club

Meetings:  every Thursday at lunch in F3

Advisor:  Ms. Serrano


Meetings:   Tuesdays monthly in L-7

Advisor:  Ms. Brown

For more information, please visit @mehscsf on Instagram

Crochet Club

Meetings: Wednesday after school in CRAFT room

Advisor: Ms. Williamson

Eden Theater Arts Club

Meetings:  weekly at lunch in J16

Advisor:  Ms. Phillips

Garden Club

Meetings:  every Thursday after school in K1

Advisor:  Ms. Wong

Gay Straight Alliance

Meetings:  weekly at lunch in P3

Advisor:  Mr. Lavendel

Girls in STEM

Meetings: At lunch in STEAM-101

Advisor: Mrs. Grewal


Meetings:  Monthly on Thursdays in CL-17

Advisor:  Mr. Elliott

Latinx Club

Meetings: At lunch in D-7

Advisors: Ms. Santiago and Ms. Rivera

Math Honor Society

Meetings: Every other Wednesday at lunch in F-3

Advisor: Ms. Serrano


Meetings: Wednesdays after school in L-3

Advisor: Ms. Butler

Poly Club

Meeting Days: every Tuesday at lunch in F6

Advisor:  Mr. Bishop


Meetings:  every other Wednesday at lunch in J-1

Advisor:  Mr. Amaral