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Physical Education

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Make-up Work

MapMyRun is a smart phone App that you can use to make-up missed miles as well as absences. One mile ran while using this app will make-up one missed mile or one day of missed participation. 2 miles ran will make-up an entire block day missed. Click on link below to find out how to download the app to your phone.MapMyRun

Each assignment listed below, if completed correctly, is equal to 1 missed day of participation! Not a missed mile (See MapMyRun for missed miles). Student is responsible for printing out, completing, and turning in assignment to instructor, in order to receive credit.

Make-up Assignments 1-18 are in the Department's Locker below.

* Be sure to touch base with your instructor before completing any make-up assignments

2019-2020 PE Syllabus and Policies

PE Units

2019-2020 PE Units

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Mr. Barnes 

(Department Chair)

phone ext: 62143

Ms. Hart

phone ext: 62426

Mrs. Marshall

phone ext: 62324

Mr. O'Brien

phone ext: 62273

Mr. Perenon

phone ext:62423

Mr. Reynoso 

phone ext: 62425

Mrs. Vierra

phone ext: 62424

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Monarch Pride


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Mission Statement

The mission of the Mt. Eden High School Physical Education Department is to provide a positive experience in a variety of Lifetime Fitness Activities and Leisure Recreational Activities focusing on the establishment of a lifestyle that includes proven concepts of wellness and fitness. Mt. Eden High School’s Physical Education curriculum identifies the diversity in individual learning and adapts instructional strategies to support multiple intelligences while presenting activities that result in improved muscular coordination, flexibility, strength, and endurance. We challenge all students to grow in character, self-reliance, self-discipline, and to demonstrate good sportsmanship daily. We help students to improve their self-image and to reach a higher level of health, vitality, and wellness.